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Kyle MacRitchie

Data Scientist, Meteorologist, Geospatial Scientist


I am a versatile data scientist with experience using all kinds of data to make statistical models across a wide range of sectors including academia, government, and private companies. I learn new topics quickly and can easily swivel between multiple unrelated projects.

Complete Resume in PDF form: click here.

Work Experience

Applied Scientist

Descartes Labs | 2021 - Present

  • I develop, implement, and maintain real-time weather and climate data pipelines on Google Cloud.
  • Created two extended range weather prediction models using machine learning techniques with scikit-learn and Tensorflow.
  • Created over a dozen machine learning models that link weather and climate conditions to projected crop growth around the world.
  • I interface directly with clients on a biweekly basis to ensure that their needs are adequately addressed and to help them interpret the aforementioned model forecasts.
  • Worked on a computer vision project that uses satellite data to find specific geographic features.


Climate Prediction Center (NWS) | 2018 - 2021

  • I developed forecast models to predict climate features using recurrent neural networks in a Tensorflow framework.
  • I created and applied statistical techniques to bias correct and calibrate ensemble model forecasts.
  • I created several ArcPy scripts that allowed us to use ArcMap in our operational products.
  • I created, implemented, and maintained several daily pipelines that were critical to 24/7 forecast operations.
  • I mentored and led contract scientists.


Peer Reviewed Publications and Presentations

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  • MacRitchie, K., and P.E. Roundy. 2016: The two-way relationship between the Madden Julian oscillation and anticyclonic wave breaking. Quart. J. Royal Meteor. Soc., 142, 2159-2167.
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  • Invited speaker: 18th Annual Maxar Energy Conference, October, 2019 on the MJO and ENSO at CPC.