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Kyle MacRitchie

Meteorologist and Data Scientist


I specialize in creating statistical and dynamical/statistical hybrid models that objectively predict weather and climate conditions more than a week in the future. I believe that the future of weather forecasting revolves around statistical forecasts that harness the physical laws of the atmosphere.

Complete Resume in PDF form: click here.

Work Experience


Climate Prediction Center (NWS) | 2018 - Present

I am a hybrid operational meteorologist and researcher focused on integrating the latest science with the National Weather Service’s forecasting process.

  • Operational model and forecast verification
  • Developed neural network and linear models to predict ENSO and U.S. temperature and precipitation at weeks 3-4 leads
  • Operational forecaster: MJO and tropical hazards, U.S. hazards, weeks 3-4 forecasts
  • Python w/ ArcPy scripting to support ArcMap use in our operational products.

Atmospheric Scientist

Innovim, LLC | 2016 - 2018

I was a contractor for the Climate Prediction Center charged with creating operational tools for week 3-4 forecasts.

  • Dynamical model calibration for tools that support weeks 3-4 forecasts
  • Provided guidance and assistance on MJO and tropical hazards products

Research Meteorologist

RiskPulse (formerly EarthRisk) | 2013 - 2016

I was in a consulting position to help RiskPulse improve predictions for their customers.

  • Worked to improve predictions using intraseasonal and interannual atmospheric and oceanic variability
  • Spearheaded a number of projects to assess model skill and bias under different atmospheric regimes; created a website with this information for clients
  • Worked with team to refine our predictability ideas and incorporate them into other projects as appropriate

Data Support Scientist

ADNET Systems, Inc. | 2015 - 2016

I was a contractor working in the GES-DISC data center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

  • Managed a transition of metadata for > 1,000 products to a new database
  • Created multiple Python programs to interface with EarthData’s RESTful API for myself and others to use to aid the metadata transition.


College at Oneonta/SUNY | 2013 - 2015

I was a full-time lecturer for four semesters while finishing my dissertation.

  • Created and taught courses to undergraduates: Introduction to Meteorology, Tropical Meteorology, Physical Meteorology (Thermodynamics), Environmental Issues, and Senior Seminar


Peer Reviewed Publications and Presentations

  • MacRitchie, K., and P.E. Roundy. 2016: The two-way relationship between the Madden Julian oscillation and anticyclonic wave breaking. Quart. J. Royal Meteor. Soc., 142, 2159-2167.
  • Roundy, P.E., N. Sakaeda, K. MacRitchie, L. Gloeckler, 2017: Weather-climate interactions and MJO influences. Climate Extremes: Patterns and Mechanisms, S.-Y.S. Wang et al., Eds., Amer. Geophys. Union, 139-163.
  • MacRitchie, K., and P. E. Roundy, 2012: Potential vorticity accumulation following atmospheric Kelvin waves in the active convective region of the MJO. J. Atmos. Sci., 69, 908-914.
  • Roundy, P. E., K. MacRitchie, J. Asuma, T. Melino, 2010: Modulation of the global atmospheric circulation by combined activity in the Madden–Julian oscillation and the El Niño–Southern oscillation during boreal winter. J. Climate, 23, 4045–4059.
  • Invited speaker: 18th Annual Maxar Energy Conference, October, 2019 on the MJO and ENSO at CPC.