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I've recently launched a newsletter called Weather and Vines, which covers weather, climate, and wine on an irregular schedule. I'm still working out the quirks, but you can sign up at weatherandvines.com. The newsletter is targeted towards anyone who is interested in weather and wine, no technical knowledge required.

Due to popular demand, I've put up AO, NAO, and PNA text files. They are found on the page with the graphs, but can also be downloaded directly using the link below. I've also put a link to the archive folder, which will populate each day.

Text file format is:


Ens 1-4 are the current ensemble runs (solid line in graphs).

Ens 5-8 are the prior day's ensemble runs (dashed lines in graphs).




The archive folder is here and is updated at the SAME TIME as the above text files, meaning it is current through "today". This way you don't need to check two different places.

Archives: https://www.kylemacritchie.com/meteorology/televalidation_text